Aloha! I am continuing my online personal training services during these times. First, I am offering 1 on 1 face time training and semi-private FaceTime training. These are great options. If you need guidance on workout form and nutrition help to achieve your goals, you found what you are looking for! Clients are raving about this service! The appeal of getting in an amazing effective workout with little to no gym equipment is exciting for clients! 

The second online service is online programs. You will get a great workout in, you will need to be accountable as I will not be watching over you. Still, a great option!

I am offering 25% off for all new and repeat clients. Call today for a free orientation. Mahalo 8083219214

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Individualized Nutrition and Resistance Training Programs

Private Training Studio

Mobile Personal Training 


Online Training 

  • Weight Loss

  • Strength Training

  • Senior Fitness

  • Injury Prevention /Correction

  • Golf Performance

  • Sports Performance

  • Nutritional Guidance 

  • Functional Fitness

  • Kick Boxing

  • Free Private Parking

Ryan Kridel

NASM CPT-Certified Personal Trainer

NASM PES-Performance Enhancement Specialist

NASM WLS-Weight Loss Specialist

NASM SFS-Senior Fitness Specialist

NASM GFS-Golf Fitness Specialist

NASM NFS-Nutrition Fitness Specialist

APEX CPT-Certified Personal Trainer

With 10 years of training experience, Its truly been an honor to help my clients reach their full potential in health and fitness.  I am confident  that I can do the same for you. More than ever, proper nutrition and exercise is the key to optimal over all well being.  I can guide you to your health and fitness goals in an efficient, fun and healthy way. Together we will make your health and fitness goals a reality!




What I Do



Private Training

At Pride Fitness It's all about you, the client.  My job and passion is to be your motivator, teacher and coach, whatever your health and fitness goals may be. Nutrition, Flexibility, Balance and Strength all will be achieved through individualized programming. Personal Training at Pride Fitness is the most efficient way to achieve your goals, with all of the luxury's of a private studio.

Mobile Personal Training

I can come to you most anywhere on the island of Oahu.  I offer 90 minute sessions. I will provide all of my services, from flexibility and resistance training programs. As well as 1 on 1 Kickboxing. Contact me for pricing. 

Private Kick Boxing Sessions 

With a background in MMA and love for combat sports, I can teach you how to throw high level punching and kicking combinations by the end of your first session. Utilizing Boxing Mits and Muay Thai pads. Most of my clients have found this service to be the most exciting service I offer. 

Boxing Gloves



This is a great way to reach your health and fitness goals no matter where you are. Yes you will workout out on your own, but you will have full access to individualized fitness routines designed specifically for you, utilizing the best free fitness app on the market today. You will still keep in touch with me weekly to keep you motivated and up to date on your routines and nutrition.


Ryan Kridel at Pride Personal Training is the most effective personal trainer I have worked with. He develops a wide variety of personalized routines to fit each client's needs--the routines change frequently not only to help develop one's fitness but also to keep the routines fun and interesting. Ryan has a superb ability to assess each client's abilities and limits--pushing the person to attain his or her best while keeping the goals realistic. Ryan has a warm sense of humor, is encouraging and supportive, and is a pleasure to work with.

Harlan Bittner

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~Private Training-$60-$85 per session

~1 on 1 Training/Kick Boxing-$100-$125 per session

~Mobile Training-$175-$250 per session

~Online Training-$53-$160 per month


     ~Contact me for monthly specials!~ 



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